Why It’s Not About Food

*Food is always around us. Holidays, social gatherings, stores, school, work; it’s safe to

say that it’s a big part of our lives. But what happens when you can’t eat just anything?


No, I’m not about to tell you what a food allergy is, or how to avoid all food to keep those with allergies safe. I’m here to tell you that food allergies aren’t just about food

At this point, you’re probably confused, so let me explain. Is food a big part of food allergies? Yes. But let me explain why it’s not all they limit.


Food allergies don’t just limit the food we eat; they limit the things we can do in life. Food is involved in sooo many more things than we realize. Traditions, holidays, social gatherings; some jobs even revolve around food. Thanksgiving? Starbucks with friends? Being a chef? They all involve food. 


As you can probably tell by now, some things in life just revolve around food. 


“So why are you telling me that food allergies aren’t about food if what you just explained was all about food?” Well, what I’m about to tell you does and doesn’t involve food.


Food allergies are so much more than just food. When you can’t join your friends for Thanksgiving, or you can’t try the new restaurant everyone is raving about, you feel left out. 


I can tell you from first hand experience that this is not fun; people think I’m insane when I casually mention I’ve never had Starbucks coffee. I’ve been left out of parties, celebrations at school, and thought of as ‘weird’ because I can’t eat anything I want to.


There have also been a lot of food trends at restaurants that I just couldn’t take part in. I don’t like that I can’t participate in these things, but if it keeps me safe, I don’t have another choice.


I remember one time that I brought a safe cupcake to a party because I couldn’t eat the regular cupcakes. Once the cupcakes were served, everyone thought the regular cupcakes tasted awful, and I was there eating my nut free cupcake. Even though my cupcake was the only good tasting one, I still wanted to have the bad tasting cupcake; I wanted to feel included. This just goes to show that it’s not about not being able to have the food; it’s about not being included in the experience.


BUT: we can change this!


We don’t have to hide away in our homes and never go to another social gathering again, just because one gathering had non allergy-safe food. Ok, maybe with
Coronavirus we can hide in our homes. But once Coronavirus is over, we can make our own opportunities!


We can ask our friends to meet at safe restaurants. We can still enjoy Thanksgiving with our friends, but bring safe food. We can make food trends allergy safe in the comfort of our own home. Hey, maybe you could have a tasting party! There are so many opportunities to have fun while keeping it allergy friendly.


If you’re the one who doesn’t have food allergies, there are some things you can do to keep your food allergy friends safe. Please take the time to shoot your friends a text and ask if they can go to “x” restaurant. It only takes a minute, and your food allergy friends will be so grateful that you took the time to ask! 


If they can eat there, great! You’re all set to have an awesome time.


If they can’t, ask them what restaurants they like to eat at. You might even find your new favorite restaurant in the process!

Better yet, do something that doesn’t involve food! Bowling, going to an arcade, going shopping, or just hanging out at home together — the possibilities are endless!


Food allergies do affect the things we can do and the places we can go to, but we don’t have to let that affect us! Let’s make our own allergy-free fun.


What’s one allergy friendly activity that you like to do? Comment down below!



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