Legal Information

Nallergy has the reserved right to change any legal information stated here at any given time without further notice to our users. We also have the reserved right to modify, sell, change the blog’s niche, and/or shut down any of nallergy’s online resources at any given time without further notice to our user’s and at our discretion.

The phrase “nallergy’s online resources” refers to all of nallergy’s online accounts, websites, and any other online information that is owned by nallergy.


The content on any and all of nallergy’s online resources, including, but not limited to, nallergy’s website and social media accounts, is provided for educational and entertainment purposes. None of nallergy’s content is intended for medical or professional purposes. If you are seeking professional or medical advice, we at nallergy highly advise you to talk to a registered doctor, allergist or other professional who can help you.

If you, or any users of nallergy, use the information provided by nallergy, you are using any information of nallergy at your own risk. Nallergy, and any online resources owned by nallergy, are not liable for any result, good or bad, that may come from using nallergy’s online resources; that liability is left in the hand of said user of nallergy’s online resources.

Copyright Information

Unless otherwise stated, all content posted by nallergy is owned by nallergy. We have a right to all content on nallergy’s online resources, including, but not limited to, nallergy’s website and social media accounts. No users other than nallergy are allowed to directly reuse content from any of nallergy’s online resources, including, but not limited to, nallergy’s website and social media accounts.

If you would like to use content from any of nallergy’s online resources, please email us at If you would like to provide a link to any content of nallergy’s, that is allowed; however, please still email us at so that we may share your content with our audience if it appropriately fits the target niche of our audience.

Privacy Policy

Here at nallergy, we care about your privacy. That’s why we are completely transparent about any and all information we collect from you, so you can have peace of mind about using our website.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to figure out what content is doing well, what content isn’t doing well, when to post blog posts, and to see what we can improve on. Google has the right to access this data.

You can read about how Google uses your data by clicking this link:

Google analytics collects the following information from our visitors: demographics, including age and gender, what device, Internet Service Provider (ISP) and browser the user uses, date and time the user visits nallergy, how long the user stays on the nallergy site, landing page and exit page, number of clicks, if you’re a returning or new user, the user’s on-site interactions and the user’s IP address.

Google Analytics also uses cookies to gather information about the user’s device and/or browser, the user’s IP address, and on-site interactions. This information is used to assess user interactions with nallergy, and the IP address is used to assess where our users are from and to protect the user’s security.

Email Services

We use Mailchimp to create emails that will be sent to our email list at nallergy. Mailchimp allows us to store contact information and create emails to be sent to said contacts.

Mailchimp will only collect information from users who sign up for nallergy’s email list. This information includes:

  • When users sign up for nallergy’s email list and if user’s unsubscribe, when they unsubscribed
  • Where the user’s signed up from (meaning where on nallergy’s site they filled out a contact form)
  • User’s first name, email, city, state and country

We use the email address and name you provide to allow us to send emails to you, so that you may receive emails from nallergy. We use the information about where you signed up from on the nallergy website to assess what email sign up locations are optimal for our website. We use location to gauge where our users are from so that we can tailor our content and uploading time to meet their specific needs. When users sign up and/or unsubscribe from nallergy’s email list helps us gauge what blog posts are gathering contacts and what blog posts are driving away traffic.


Cookies are automatically on our site because we use Google Analytics. If you would like to see how Google Analytics uses cookies on nallergy, scroll up to the Google Analytics section of this privacy policy page.

Cookies are a small file of data that stores information about a user. Cookies are sent from a website to be stored on the user’s device. We use the information from cookies to see the preferences of users, and to learn how to better tailor our content to what users want to see.

When you go onto our website you will see a banner at the bottom of the page stating that this website uses cookies. This is not an opt in or out banner; this simply notifies you of the fact that we use cookies on our site.

Other Information

By choosing to fill out optional forms on nallergy (for example, our email opt-in form), nallergy has access to that information. We do not choose to share any of this information with third party vendors, and nallergy will keep this information secure.

By filling out a comment form on nallergy, your comment, name, and website will be visible for any visitors to nallergy. Please keep this in mind when sharing your information via comment form, and please do not share any information you would not like other visitors to have access to when visiting nallergy’s website.

Changes to Privacy Policy

We at nallergy have the right to update or change this privacy policy at any given time and without further notice to users. 

Terms of Use

When using nallergy’s website, social media, or any other online resources of nallergy, please keep the following information in mind. If you do not comply with the terms of use, nallergy has the right to block, restrict and/or terminate any user’s access of any of nallergy’s online resources.

  1. You must comply with the laws of the country you are currently of citizenship with.
  2. You may not put spam comments on any post or page.
  3. Do not put any personal information that you do not want anyone to know in the comments section of any of our posts on nallergy. This includes information such as your social security number, credit card information, etc.
  4. Discrimination or bullying of any kind will not be tolerated on any of nallergy’s online resources, including, but not limited to, nallergy’s website and social media accounts.

If you will not comply with the above statements, please do not use nallergy’s online resources. If you do not follow the above statements, do not be surprised if your access to nallergy’s online resources is blocked, restricted and/or terminated.

The above statements apply to any and all of nallergy’s online resources, including, but not limited to, nallergy’s website and social media accounts.


If you have any questions or concerns about your rights as far as our Privacy Policy, Disclaimers, Copyright Information or Terms of Use at nallergy, please contact us at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.