Allergy Friendly Treats for a Disney Day at Home

I’ll be the first to admit that I miss going to Disney World. I miss going on all the rides, seeing Mickey Mouse, and of course, the food.

But what about… a Disney day at home! Today, I’ll be sharing my favorite treats to make for a magical Disney day, that you can experience without getting out of your PJs 😉

Dole Whip

Find the recipe here

This dole whip tasted almost exactly like the real dole whip from Disney World! My tip would be to blend the frozen pineapple chunks with a little bit of the pineapple juice before adding all of the other ingredients in; that way, you won’t be left with chunks of pineapple. It says in the recipe to pipe it in a bowl using a star shaped piping tip, but I just put it in this super cute coconut bowl, which you can buy here.

Top 8 free option:

To make this top 8 free, substitute the milk in with a milk substitute of your choice.

Mickey Cookies

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While you might not find these at Disney World, they are absolutely delicious! Anything with a Mickey Mouse shape will automatically become Disney-fied. For a Disney day, I would recommend buying a Mickey cookie cutter. This can be used for loads of fun Disney treats; Mickey pancakes, cookies, brownies, sandwiches… the possibilities are endless!

On the topic of Mickey shaped foods, Mickey waffles would be a great addition to a Disney day! We use this Mickey waffle maker for easy Mickey Mouse waffles. You can buy the same Mickey waffle maker we use here.

Top 8 free option:

To make these top 8 free, simply make your favorite allergy friendly sugar cookie recipe and icing recipe. For top 8 free waffles, use your favorite allergy friendly waffle mix or homemade waffle recipe.

Mickey Ice Cream Bars

If you go to any ice cream cart at Disney World, you will definitely see this Mickey shaped treat. This tastes very similar to the ones at Disney. However, I will say that the ice cream tasted a little cheaper than those at Disney World; but they are still a great treat! While I haven’t emailed the company to see about possible cross contamination and other potential allergens that might not be listed on the box, these appear to only contain milk and soy for the top 8 allergens.

As you can see, there are many possibilities for food when it comes to a Disney day at home!

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